[RDD] Older AudioScience Card Recommendations/Caveats

Michael Crawford plugspark at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 15:40:46 EST 2010

Thanks for the info, Seth.

All, If I do decide to spring for something in the ASI6xxx series,
should I expect these cards to be supported reliably?  I know some of
them are now listed as obsolete by AudioScience, but should I expect
something like the ASI6122 to be supported in Rivendell for the
foreseeable future?


On Fri, Feb 9, 2001 at 9:42 PM, Seth Stevenson
<programdirector at mountaingospel.org> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Just a couple of tips from my woes at trying to install a 4344 card. I
> worked many hours with Frederick Henderson, to try to get this card to
> work on RRAbuntu. We never did get it to work. Maybe it is possible, but
> no one on the list had any answers as how to do it, so I don' t think
> that is a good option. Of course ASI does not support the 4344 card
> either, so I don't think that helps. I was able to get it to work on the
> Suse 11.2 distro by Tim Camp. Search the list for info about his distro.
> The major problem here was that it is using a higher hpi that the one
> that worked with the 4344. We finally had to uninstall the 4.0? driver
> that was on Tim's distro and install the 3.08.06 hpi driver. That worked
> with particular card and distro. Whether you use Tim's cd or not,
> probably Suse is going to be your best bet for one of these older cards.
> I will have to look, but I think we had to use the patches as well, but
> maybe that was when we were still working on the RRUbuntu. Hope this helps!
> Seth Stevenson
> On 12/27/2010 5:30 PM, Michael Crawford wrote:
>> Does anyone have experience using older AudioScience cards with the
>> latest production version of Rivendell running on RRAbuntu,
>> specifically the ASI4111, 4215, 4334, or 4344?
>> Are there any of these that I should avoid at all costs or which will
>> be difficult to get working with Rivendell?  Is the patch for the 42xx
>> and 43xx series described in the Wiki reliable, or should I expect to
>> encounter problems getting anything but the 45xx and 46xx series
>> working?  Any of these that are easier to get working than others?
>> The reason I ask is that I'm debating whether I want to switch to
>> using MP2 instead of WAV as I'm already hitting the wall even with a
>> 2TB HDD, but we can't really afford the 45xx or 46xx cards or
>> switching to a proper SAN with a larger capacity.
>> Thanks,
>> Michael
>> plugspark at gmail.com
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