[RDD] Older AudioScience Card Recommendations/Caveats

Michael Crawford plugspark at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 17:30:37 EST 2010

Does anyone have experience using older AudioScience cards with the
latest production version of Rivendell running on RRAbuntu,
specifically the ASI4111, 4215, 4334, or 4344?

Are there any of these that I should avoid at all costs or which will
be difficult to get working with Rivendell?  Is the patch for the 42xx
and 43xx series described in the Wiki reliable, or should I expect to
encounter problems getting anything but the 45xx and 46xx series
working?  Any of these that are easier to get working than others?

The reason I ask is that I'm debating whether I want to switch to
using MP2 instead of WAV as I'm already hitting the wall even with a
2TB HDD, but we can't really afford the 45xx or 46xx cards or
switching to a proper SAN with a larger capacity.

plugspark at gmail.com

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