[RDD] Upgrade path

Michael Barnes barnmichael at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 15:02:17 EST 2010

I've got a unique system with three standalone RD machines running
SUSE 10.2 and RD 0.9.84.  One machine corrupted a hard drive.  I was
able to copy the entire (I hope) /var/lib/mysql folder to another
drive. There are some 3600 cuts on this machine with a nearly equal
number of RDCatch recordings.  I don't yet know what, if any, other
files I can recover from this drive.

I have a copy of SUSE 10.2 to install on the new hard drive.  I do not
have, however, the RPMS for 0.9.84.  I figured the safest route was to
install 0.9.94 and copy in the copy of the mysql files I have before
trying a newer version.

These machines haven't been touched in almost 3 years since they were
installed.  I don't have any of the installation notes or what other
files, etc. I'm going to need.  Any help, suggestions, etc. on
recovering this mess will be appreciated.


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