[RDD] Upstart

Phil Ashby phil.rivendell at ashbysoft.com
Sun Aug 29 19:09:31 EDT 2010

On 29/08/10 22:11, Frederick wrote:
> Ok, Phil after my rather quick check and reply, I decided to do further  
> research and testing on your idea. I found that after creating a new admin  
> account on the system that was not the one the Rivendell daemons were  
> running as that logged in as this user I also could not start the  
> Rivendell daemons with real time priorities, even when the user the  
> Rivendell daemons was logged in.
> Only when logged in as the user the Rivendell daemons run as (the one in  
> /etc/rd.conf) could I start the daemons with realtime priority.

More things to check Frederick: is the new account in the AudioGroup? If
not then it won't inherit the real-time settings of course.

> One other thing I noticed is that you are giving the permissions to su  
> while when I start the daemons manually it is started via sudo. So I tried  
> starting a su root shell by running the command sudo -s

Yes, because jack-init uses su to become the appropriate user (eg:
rduser) when it starts jackd. sudo -s should work similarly, with the
caveat that root (or the target user) must also be in the AudioGroup for
the real-time limits to be applied automatically.

I've checked everything myself including sudo (again :) on Ubuntu 10.04
and it all seems to work as expected - what I don't have is your current
upstart script to try out, nor do I know if you are running rivendell
daemons as a specific user (AudioOwner in rd.conf) or root?

HTH, Phil.

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