[RDD] how to load music rapidly????

Frederick Henderson frederickjh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 05:11:37 EDT 2010

On Fri, 27 Aug 2010 06:06:13 +0200, Juan Miguel Lombardi  
<jm.lombardi at isec.edu.ar> wrote:

> hi, i'm trying to start using rivendell where i work.
> i'll try to explain.
> my english isn't enough to explain the school where i work but you can
> check the webpage. we have 5 radio-classrooms and an online radio. i'm
> willing to use rivendell.
> the  biggest issue i'm having is that it's very complicated to load new
> music quiclky.
> sometimes we have practice and the student's bring audio cuts, and the
> music for the "practice program" . Loading audio with rdlibrary takes
> too long. If i need to load 3 songs and 4 audio cuts takes me like 5
> minutes to set up a 10 min practice. the class last 80min.
> the command rdimport reduces the time but the operators sometimes are
> not familiarized with the terminal (almost everyone lives on windows
> barbyworld)
> I wonder if is possible to load a complete folder from a GUI??

Holla Juan!

As Stan stated try setting up drop boxes then you can drag the files into  
a folder and have them imported automatically according to the dropbox  

> is there a spanish maillist?

Not that I know of, but there is a Spanish IRC channel (#rivendell-es),  
however there was no-one there when I just checked but I know I have  
helped Spanish speakers in the main IRC channel (#rivendell) and we have  
at times Spanish speakers there. It may be best to try on the #rivendell  
channel to see if there are any spanish speakers and then move the  
conversation to the spanish channel. We can also try to help you in  
English. I know a little Spanish myself.

More info on the Rivendell IRC channels can be found here:


> the second question is: how can i record the line in of the soundcard?

If you have the input of the card setup you can assign it in Rivendell in  
RDAdmin to the program (RDAirplay, RDLibrary, RDCatch) you want to record  
from. You can assign the sound cards in RDAdmin>Manage Hosts> select the  
host>Edit> then set the card and input/output numbers.

You can setup sound cards to be used by running the setup program as the  
super user called rdalsaconfig.

You can check in RDAdmin under Audio Resources to see what sound cards are  
setup and how many inputs and outputs they have setup.

I hope this helps. If anything is unclear ask.


> thank you!

Frederick Henderson

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