[RDD] Suggestion for RML command

Danny danny at aercomm.net
Wed Aug 25 20:45:03 EDT 2010

What I'm looking to do is switch between physical inputs of the sound 
card as well as local jack ports being fed by either rdairplay or 
perhaps rdcatchd. The physical inputs would be feeds from two studios. 
The idea being that, with the call of macro cart, either studio's live 
feed or output from a local instance of caed (through jack) could be put 
on air.

The problem I'm running into more than anything is the lack of 
documentation and support for jack. My current brick wall is the fact 
that jack's configure file is not agreeing that all the components are 
present for building jack with alsa support on the Ubuntu 8.10 machine. 
Thing is, the same release of jack configures just fine on my personal 
workstation (Ubuntu 9.10) and it has no more or no less "asound" 
packages installed.

The topic of needing to be a Linux guru to setup RD has been a hot item 
recently. I don't mind a little file editing, compiling, tweaking, 
etc... I'm a bit of a Linux h at x0r myself, so I'm used to that. But, the 
lack of docs for jack and inconsistency....it's starts to get to me at 


Geoff Barkman wrote:
> My set up is a bit different from yours... I run Ubuntu 10.04 and Alsa.
> But I use a command line mixer called Aumix that you can send commands
> to to mute / unmute Audio imputs.
> I made 2 shell scripts that runs with crontab.
> openinput.sh
> #!/bin/bash
> # Line input 0 = mute, Line input = 80 80% volume
> aumix -l89
> closeinput.sh
> #!/bin/bash
> # Line input 0 = mute, Line input = 80 80% volume
> aumix -l0
> Open input opens the line input channel to 89%
> Close input closes the line input channel.
> Perhaps you get Rivendell to trigger the shell commands?
> I hope this is some help to you.
> Cheers
> Geoff Barkman

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