[RDD] Suggestion for RML command

Geoff Barkman countryradio at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 19:52:56 EDT 2010

My set up is a bit different from yours... I run Ubuntu 10.04 and Alsa.
But I use a command line mixer called Aumix that you can send commands
to to mute / unmute Audio imputs.

I made 2 shell scripts that runs with crontab.


# Line input 0 = mute, Line input = 80 80% volume
aumix -l89


# Line input 0 = mute, Line input = 80 80% volume

aumix -l0

Open input opens the line input channel to 89%
Close input closes the line input channel.
Perhaps you get Rivendell to trigger the shell commands?

I hope this is some help to you.
Geoff Barkman

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 11:31 AM, Danny <danny at aercomm.net> wrote:
> I am currently in the process of attempting to setup a switching matrix
> using macros that call jack_connect and jack_disconnect commands to
> make/break connections between jack ports. The problem I'm running into
> is that there is apparently a bug in the jack_connect command that about
> 1 out of 4 times, causes jackd to crash and burn. Otherwise, jackd and
> all other jack apps seem to be solid. Try to make a connection with
> jack_connect and it bombs. I have searched and have found nothing to
> suggest that this is a common problem.
> Now, to be fair, the system I'm working on is running Ubuntu 8.10 and
> the distro version of jackd is a bit old. As I type this, I'm
> downloading the latest source of jackd and I'm gonna build that to see
> if resolves the issue.
> But, it got me to thinking... Rivendell already has the framework in
> place to make jack connections. You can configure connections to be made
> in the JackSession section of rd.conf. It doesn't seem that it would be
> too far fetched to implement RML commands to make/break connections
> between jack ports.
> In fact, it could even be implemented as a switcher type, as well. Yes,
> I know there is the audio card switcher type. However, that doesn't
> allow one to switch between, say, a physical input on the sound card and
> RD running on the local machine via jack.
> If I was a C++ programmer, I'd do it myself. My skills are limited to
> Perl, PHP, JS...Web application stuff.
> Any thoughts?
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