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I think that you are all missing the point that Fred was trying to make.

Not that the DVD would provide a some how closed appliance. He said it was  
and would remain free as beer.

The point of the *appliance* discussion was that you should not treat  
Rivendell as just another program to run on your computer.

You should better build an appliance that the Rivendell program is part  
of.  Think about Appliances most have a define purpose that they do well.  
Take a toaster it toasts bread well but it does not make coffee well.

A Rivendell *appliance* is a fine tune OS than allows the Rivendell  
programs to do Broadcast Radio Automation well.



On Wed, 25 Aug 2010 17:09:37 +0200, sjm <sjm.mlists at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> As you suggest cooperation will be the key though and if this goes
>>> as a compiled appliance route it will wind up being an almost
>>> pointless effort as the source will likely be restricted access
>>> and therefore any tips would be not of much use; strange in an open
>>> source environment.
>> Make that "impossible in an open source environment".  By
>> definition.
>> I confess that I'm not following your reasoning here at all.
> My guess from the context, though Andy can clarify, is that with an
> appliance type install the system would be more "hidden" or "black box"
> and the technical details explained in the documentation would only be
> accessed by a restricted few rather than everyone.
> sjm
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