[RDD] INFO: Rivendell Support Chat

Michael Papsdorf - DD-Radio Chefredakteur/Admin chefredaktion at dd-radio.com
Tue Aug 24 11:04:59 EDT 2010

Hey there everyone!

As some do already know and others might not, we do have a Rivendell Support
Chat on IRC where you can get help at most times of the day. Since all this
discussions on getting help and things being difficult, we (the people doing
support on chat) decided that it might be the time to announce the chat to
everyone on this list.

To connect to the chat, you will need an IRC client. There will be one
preinstalled on most systems. To check, you might click on this link:

If it has not taken you anywhere, you might want to try

If none of the above links worked, get yourself an IRC client.
For firefox users, there is chatzilla as an firefox addon. mIRC for Windows,
and several dozen for Linux users.

The main support channel is #rivendell.
You will find the people generally available for support having an + next to
their name. In my case, it would be +venomvelvet. To get support, you would
state your question and highlight some or all of the people with the +.
To highlight someone, you do write his name as it appears on irc. There is an
auto completion on most clients. So to highlight (example) me, you  
could simply
write Ven and hit the Tab key. (That is the one over capslock).
Doing this, the people would see some blinking or hear some sound and know
someone had a question.
Sidenote: everyone is encouraged to answer any questions they can answer.
The + is just there so people being around frequently and able to help
in most cases are visible so no one is lost with his questions.

Channel List as follows:

#rivendell - main support channel (english)
#rivendell-de (german support)
#rivendell-fr (french support)
#rivendell-es (spanish support)
#rivendell-pt (portugese support)
#rivendell-dev (development and discussion, english)
#rivendell-chat (offtopic chat - anything not about rivendell/support)
#rivendell-broadcast (broadcasting issues)
#rivendell-stream (streaming issues)
#rivendell-instore (about using rivendell for music in stores, lifts/elevators

We can have more channels (esp. languages) should the need arise.  
Simply leave a message.
Special note on the language channels: There may not be always someone around
as not all of us do speak all languages. The main support channel (#rivendell)
is always the best place to ask first.

We would really like to see more participation on IRC, feel free to  
hang around
in the channel during your normal radio work, drop any questions that  
may arise
or maybe even help some people with their problems.
We're a quite friendly bunch of folks there also having our day-to-day
conversations or discussions.

Greetings Michael (VenomVelvet on IRC)

Michael Papsdorf
Chefredakteur / Admin
DD-Radio & Medienproduktions GmbH
Tel. 0162 476 86 63

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