[RDD] cpu load vs horsepower requirements

Chris Cmolik clc5688 at rit.edu
Mon Aug 9 14:34:29 EDT 2010

Streaming is best done on another machine. We've used icecast and darkice
with alsa on an older pIV box and never go above 40 percent, even with 700
streamers. And that's with postfix, Apache for our intranet, syslog for all
of our axia livewire gear, and MySQL carrying a lookup database for our
(lol) vinyl collection.
Of course there's no GUI on it.

--Chris Cmolik
IT director, WITR radio.

On Aug 9, 2010 2:20 PM, "Don Russell" <w9drr.ham at gmail.com> wrote:
My new test box is an IBM M51 workstation with a P4 3.2 GHz and 2G
ram, 500G sata HD.
Running Kubuntu 10.04 LTS with all current updates. Jackd realtime via
alsa onboard
intel HD audio.

If/when I go into production with this box I will use an M-audio Delta
44 instead of the intel.

I am running Fluxbox for the WM and just rdairplay on the desktop and
x11vnc in the background.
Well, also the rest of the necessary daemons and X...etc.

CPU load is around 24-30% via top. CPU load goes up to 60-65% with
While seeming stable 6 days constant now and no xruns. I think that 60
% is a too high for a production box.
So I will nix edcast unless there is something similar that will use
less CPU. I guess I can just encode the stream
outboard with another machine.

Do you all think 24-30% load is acceptable for an on-air workstation?
The plan is for it to just run rdairplay
and will watch for occasional closures to to start/restart playback.

I trimmed everything I could daemon wise down to bare minimums to run
X, rivendell, and fluxbox.
and the 24-30% load is the best I can do.

Should I be considering something newer with more horsepower like a
newer core2 duo or Core I3
for the workstations?

Don Russell, CBRE
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