[RDD] Alternative to rdstream - sending track information to icecast2

Frederick Henderson frederickjh at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 17:50:59 EDT 2010

Thanks Ferdinand!

One of those things I have been thinking about doing.

I added it to the wiki till it makes it in the normal release with credit.




On Tue, 03 Aug 2010 22:00:46 +0200, Ferdinand O. Tempel <pw at linuxops.net>  

> Hi all,
> This might be of some use to someone.
> I've spent a few hours replacing rdstream with a "proper" plugin for
> rdairplay to send track information for the currently playing track to
> an icecast2 server. Attached is the source file for that plugin.
> A quick FAQ:
> Q: So...how do I install it?
> A: First, install libcurl-dev. It's a requirement for this to work. Put
> the source file into your rivendell build tree in de "rlm" directory.
> Then switch to said directory and type:
> gcc -fPIC -Wall -lcurl -I.. -shared rlm_icecast2.c -o rlm_icecast2.rlm
> Then type "sudo make install" to copy the plugin to the proper location
> in your Rivendell 1.7.2 installation
> Q: Fine, now how do I use it?
> A: Well, fire up rdadmin, and go the rdairplay configuration. Click that
> big "Configure Now & Next Parameters". Then below the loadable modules
> field, click "add". Select the right plugin (rlm_icecast2) and refer it
> to a configuration file. The format of the configuration file is a
> simple "parameter=value" type pair, containing not quite coincidentally
> the same parameters as a darksnow (frontend to darkice) configuration
> file. The parameters used are:
> server=<server>
> port=<port>
> mountpoint=<mountpoint>
> pass=<password>
> icecast=Icecast 2
> If the latter entry is not present, the code will print a message, it
> only supports icecast2. The default user for an icecast2 streaming
> server for track updates is "source".
> Q: What's the quality of this plugin?
> A: It works for me. It's probably considered very ugly code, but I'm not
> a developer by any stretch of the imagination. I can copy/paste (don't
> worry, all public domain example code) well, and am able to interpret
> the error messages my compiler spits out at me. So will this code have
> bugs and memory leaks and otherwise icky side-effects? Probably. If you
> find any, please let me know.
> Enjoy.
> Regards,
> Ferdinand O. Tempel

Frederick Henderson

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