[RDD] ASI Metering

Aaron Horn aaronhorn at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 13:08:45 EDT 2010


I have an ASI 5042 sound card.  I have got it working with the HPI
drivers from AudioScience's website.

I have noticed an interesting thing with the metering.  I use two
channels of output, one is the PGM output whilst the second is used as
a cart/cue output.  The meters monitor the output correctly in
RDAirPlay but I have noticed that they also seem to pick up stuff
being played out of RDLibrary or the soundpanel (on channel 2) or
indeed anything else going out of the soundcard (such as audio played
using asihpitest).

I do not know if this behaviour is intentional.  I would prefer that
only audio going out on channel 1 from RDAirPlay is monitored on the
meters.  Is it possible to set up Rivendell to act in this way or
indeed is what I've described as 'bug'?

Any help appreciated?

Aaron Horn,
aaronhorn at gmail.com.

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