[RDD] Transitions

Tim Camp timc at wnsp.com
Wed Sep 30 15:05:32 EDT 2009

Michael Papsdorf - DD-Radio Chefredakteur/Admin wrote:
>> If you want this to sound good, you will end up manually setting segue
>> markers on every song.
>> Some songs end cold, and a jingle or sweeper coming in 3 seconds early is
>> going to be a train wreck.
>> If your goal is an automated station that sounds like there's a real person
>> manning the controls, then you need a real person to set the segue markers
>> on every song in your library, making the artistic judgement of where the
>> next element should begin, just as if he or she were sitting at the console
>> pressing the buttons.
>> If you really don't care how it sounds, then I guess you could go with a
>> global segue point.  But it will sound sloppy on every title with a cold
>> ending.
> Songs are chosen and edited to make that sound good. I only get a  
> folder with LOTS of songs to import. And those need to be played that  
> way. Management wants it that way - all I have to do is to make it work.
> Greetings
I agree with John, however it that's what you want, do this

Set up a folder to use as a drop box and use rdimport from the command line.

dump all your songs in the drop box folder and away you go.

rdimport --help
for all the possible settings you may want to include, the main one you 
are looking for however is
and don't forget the -drop-box setting.

Good Luck

Tim Camp
Mobile, Al.

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