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Jorge Soto jsoto67 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 16 17:34:51 EDT 2009

I will work on this tonight see what I can find.

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In this case, I have four mandatory breaks per hour. My Autofill carts 
are a selection of about 100 PSA's in various lengths from :10 to :60. 
When RDAirPlay reaches blocks that do not have traffic scheduled it just 
plays right over the Autofill link without stopping. Since these are 
mandatory breaks something needs to be in there or I have dead air!

I don't know if it is filling breaks that are only partially scheduled. 
Presently I have two breaks that are always filled by traffic. The other 
two breaks aren't filled at all. Maybe what I'll try is have them split 
the spots up between the four breaks and see if Autofill will put 
something in there to stretch it out to the full 3:30.

But obviously there is something amiss here, as Larry seems to be having 
the same issue.


Jorge Soto wrote:
> Usually an auto fill feature is used to fill a log where for some 
> reason your music is underscheduled. You would then apply the auto 
> fill to "auto fill" your empty slots. It would not be used to generate 
> a log. I have seen it in Rivendell but have not used it. But your auto 
> fill carts would not be enough to cover too much of a log depending on 
> the rules that you might have for artist/song separation.
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