[RDD] Playing VT's in separate logs RCS style

AJ aj at rebelmedia.com.au
Wed Sep 9 22:19:12 EDT 2009

Hi Stefan,  Good suggestion, thank you, I had been wondering if we could do 
something similar.  If I understand what your suggesting correctly, the 
number of pc's required would be an issue.

Those 4 feeds are for our Rebel FM station, but we also have Breeze FM (with 
4 feeds), and with more local feeds to come... With RCS/Nexgen, all those 8 
feeds/logs can be played back on the one pc.

If in RD we split each existing feed to have one network log and one local 
log, that would require 16 logs in total, and with a current limit of 3 logs 
per RD pc, would require 6 RD pc's!  That's assuming we can set the macros 
up to work seamlessly across multiple pc's & local logs in that manner, 
which I will investigate further.  I assume macro carts are global, not host 
or service specific?  If so, how would a  RD pc xxx (playing back the same 
network log as RD pc yyy in a different time zone) call a different macro 
cart to fire off events in a specific local log?

Depending on what coding changes Fred & Dan can come up with, I will 
certainly look at an option to do sub logs along the lines you suggested, 
maybe at the expense of sacrificing different live news bulletins on some 
different feeds, which would then allow the network logs to be brought into 
sync in each time zone we serve;

That would then require 4 network logs instead of 8 network logs;

Breeze Network  - Time Zone 1
Breeze Network - Time Zone 2
Rebel Network - Time Zone 1
Rebel Network - Time Zone 2

Together with the 8 local logs, this would require 12 playback logs, and 4 
RD pc's.  Local logs would also become restricted to absolute fixed length 
windows, and the content in those windows would need to be time scaled to 
ensure transitions back to the common network log were tight.

Migrating from one platform to another always has pro's/con's.  Assuming we 
can find a solution to limit ourselves to one log per feed as we currently 
do, I would need at least 3 RD pc's. I'd prefer not to have to explain to 
the GM why upgrading automation systems needs four or six primary pc's in 
the rack.  The more new pc's I require to do the same job, the less likely 
she is to see it as an upgrade, along with any reduction in the current 
flexibility we have for VT'ing network/local logs.

I'm hoping the design for RD v2.x will lift the 3 logs per pc limit, and 
then we could cut back down to 1 pc.

Another thought I had was for us to try and create a vb/c application to 
continuously scan the RD database for changes to VT carts in all network 
logs, and then find & copy that transition data for that VT onto all logs 
that use the same VT.  I see a number of potential problems with that (along 
with the ones I don't see), and I'd prefer to consider that a last resort if 
the only other viable option becomes not to use RD.



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