[RDD] Playing VT's in separate logs RCS style

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Tue Sep 8 10:33:09 EDT 2009

On Monday 07 September 2009 03:02:49 am AJ wrote:
> The network VT's (common to all 4 logs) are recorded by the announcers
> using the daily network log. When recording VT's in RCS, each VT cart's
> pre-roll and segue position information is stored on the DB as part of the
> information for that VT cart. Preroll/Segue information is not stored as
> part of the log, like RD appears to.

That's correct -- the custom data used for VTs are primarily associated with a 
particular log.  The notion is that a given log 'owns' those VT carts that 
were created within it.  Among other things, this allows features like 
automatic library maintenance (where VT carts are automatically deleted along 
with their parent log) to work in a seamless and intuitive way.

> In RD, if you record a VT cart 7000 in one log (thereby changing
> preroll/segue info), cart 7000 will NOT automatically play back with the
> same transitions in a separate log  

Actually, it depends on how that cart got into that other log.  If it was 
inserted with the usual ADD button (in either RDLogEdit or RDAirPlay), when 
it will indeed not inherit the custom VT transitions.  If you make a copy 
of the entire voicetracked log however, the VT transitions will be copied 
along with it.

> So we can move forward is there an easy way around this with the current
> version of RD?

One possible approach:

1) Generate a log

2) Merge music data

3) Voicetrack the network breaks

4) Copy the original log into four 'local' versions.

5) Merge traffic data into each local log.

One important _caveat_ to bear in mind: the original voicetracked log will 
still own the VT carts.  If that log is deleted, the VT carts will be deleted 
as well, resulting in 'cart not found' entries for those carts in any of the 
log copies that may still remain.


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