[RDD] Stuck Meters

Edward C. Dulaney edulaney at rmrnetwork.com
Tue Sep 1 20:40:55 EDT 2009

I've seen this myself, but only when I have two programs wanting access 
to alsa hardware. It usually happens when I'm running RD and Audacity.


Aaron Savage wrote:
> I was curious if anyone else has seen this.  I was moving my office 
> around and that included my Ubuntu 8.04 machine with Rivendell and and 
> Intel Audio chip On-Board.  I booted it up and all was normal until I 
> went to record something in Rdlibrary.  I noticed that without audio 
> being played in the computer that the levels were hanging around -15 
> on the meter.  I even unplugged the input and the levels did not 
> change.  I muted everything in the mixer and it was still there. 
>  However, when i record a file there is no hum or audio....strange. 
>  Anyone had this problem before. Luckily this machine is just for 
> getting under the hood but it seemed like a strange problem to me.
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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