[RDD] QSocketDevice::readBlock: Invalid Socket

Gareth Lapworth gareth.lapworth at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 14:23:40 EDT 2009

Just an update,

I can replicate this every time if I click start on four tracks. It is very

All the best,

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On Apr 30, 2009 7:00 PM, "Gareth Lapworth" <gareth.lapworth at gmail.com>

Hmm, things seem to be a little more sinister and something is
strange.  If I attempt to play two or more tracks in RDAirplay (IE
skipping a few tracks and hitting start), I get this message in the
syslog :

radiocont1 kernel: [ 1281.544044] hpi6205.c:502  7,1794 dsp crashed.

and a very strange humming sound coming out of the desk.  The only way
to fix this is to stop Rivendell (sometimes by manually killing caed),
and then stopping the asihpi driver.

I'm not entirely sure which version of the driver is installed on this
particular box, but it is the same one which came out of the Ubuntu
repository.  Perhaps it is time to try again from source?

All the best,

2009/4/30 Samuel Cifuentes <scifuentesfavini at gmail.com>:

> Hi > I've read something about versions of client and server of mYSQL
witch > can cause problems i...

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