[RDD] Gmail not getting through?

Michael Barnes barnmichael at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 11:05:47 EDT 2009

Here's a reply via my gmail account.  I keep it as a backup and an
address to use when I sign up for stuff that has the potential for a
lot of spam or don't want or use my work address.

There is a huge difference between the operation of the web based
client and local clients like Thunderbird.

Besides, gmail doesn't seem to have a problem with storage space, so I
can keep quite a history of forum mail.  And Google's email search
works nicely on it.  Some of my forum folders go back over 20,000


On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 9:47 AM, Edward C. Dulaney
<edulaney at rmrnetwork.com> wrote:
> That's so strange, because I've used gmail for years and haven't had any of
> these problems with it. Of course, I rarely use the actual web interface,
> preferring to use Thunderbird instead. Gmail will, after all, support both
> POP and IMAP.
> Ed
> Cowboy wrote:
> On Friday 17 April 2009 09:49 pm, Gavin Stephens wrote:
>  Sorry for this post, but have to test something.
>  Since I signed up with Gmail my posts don't appear to be getting through to
>  this list, even though I receive mail from it okay on the same account.
>  Gmails not black listed or anything is it? I'm using my older one again to
>  post this.
>  In fact, they do.
>  This is a common complaint with gmail on the other lists where I'm
>  the administrator.
>  Even when I KNOW the post has been reflected back, gmail does
>  you the favor of blocking it, and there's apparently no way to
>  turn that off.
>  It's one reason we recommend not using gmail.

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