[RDD] URGENT: Segue & Crossfading

Michael Papsdorf - DD-Radio Chefredakteur/Admin chefredaktion at dd-radio.com
Wed Apr 15 17:24:12 EDT 2009

> Are you using a segue transition?
> Play waits till cut ends
Music->Music (Song->Song) is segue. Manual and forced segue set to 1500 ms.

> How much "dead space" is there after your cuts? (garbage in garbage out)
> Even if you have your default segue time set to 3 seconds, if you have 4
> seconds of dead space before the cut end marker it won't matter.
Varying. It actually works this way: the program director creates a  
directory of songs for the rotation. I import all those mp3s to the  
group music after deleting anything previously there. Nobody really  
has the time to manually open each song in rdlibrary and setting  
markers. We're actually two people running a complete radio station.  
OK, some DJs or people doing a show - but the real work is on two  
shoulders only. (add long rant here) We need some automatic "use for  
all". If some songs will be faded out too soon, nobody cares.  
Normally, there should be no dead space after a song. It actually  
doesn't sound *that* bad. Good fade out and fade in, but no  
overlapping of those.

> Do your cuts have segue markers in them?
> Will your audio card play two things at once?
Yes. This is a jack "audio card" with 8 channels.
Two different set up for Main Log Output 1 & 2.

Most of the software available somewhere else (normally commercial  
licences, but also DJ-Tools etc) offer Crossfading. I'd really like to  
spend a few workdays setting markers for audio but can't afford it  
actually. Work-around anyone?


It was brought to my attention that some songs in the group Music  
"never" get played although they are imported from the group so I  
thought it should be random?

Thanks & Greetings,


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