[RDD] Segue & Crossfading

Michael Papsdorf - DD-Radio Chefredakteur/Admin chefredaktion at dd-radio.com
Tue Apr 14 22:31:24 EDT 2009

Fred Gleason wrote:
> There are a couple of ways.  If you want this every time the song plays, then
> simply set the FadeUp marker in RDLibrary->Edit->EditAudio accordingly.  If
> you want to customize it on a per-transition basis, this can be done in the
> Voice Tracker dialog by manipulating the rubberbands on the bottommost
> waveform.

I'm either a bit confused or this is not what I exactly want to do.
What I wanted to do is to have all pieces of audio from a specific  
group (in that case MUSIC) to fade into each other like an X (Song A  
from 100% to 0 % and Song B from 0 to 100, more preferred would be  
even Song B starting at 100 % Volume when Song A is at 50%). I'd like  
to set it in one place instead of opening up about 150 GB of music by  
hand and setting some values.



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