[RDD] RML question

Tim Camp timc at wnsp.com
Tue Apr 14 15:35:25 EDT 2009


A couple of questions regarding RML commands

1. Can someone give me a definition of "Fire Salvo" and how that is
   used. I understand the syntax, how is <salvo num> defined the  question.

2. Is it possible to disable all inputs on a matrix with one command
   instead of one at a time ie <GE 0 001 0!>  etc etc.
   I guess one question would be are any kind of wildcards allowed?

All of this is stuff I am trying to figure out as I write the events and
clocks for a multiple satellite format with two switchers.
I would like the log in RDairplay to not look like a long list of macros.
So I am trying to put as many things together in one macro cart as
possible ie one cart at the beginning of a segment that sets up all
things necessary for that program.

Tim Camp
Mobile, Al.

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