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You could purchase a 3ware hardware RAID controller for less than the cost of a SLES license.  If you're going to throw money at it, you might as well get a performance boost.

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The RAID array is defined in FIRMWARE seperate from the BIOS.
Long before any Operating System gets anywhere near the machine.
It does NOT rely on the OS in ANY way.
It's like hardware Raid, but uses the system processor for the processing
power, as opposed to a dedicated processor just for the Raid.
The OS was loaded on a totally seperate drive, which was not even part of
the raid, it was an IDE drive.
Windows finds its own driver and then sees the array, Linux does not.

Anyway, I have discovered that SLES Ent Server 10.0 Sp1, is listed as a
supported OS by INTEL, so I'm gonna try that.
I'll let you all know how it goes.

Thanks to everyone for thier comments.


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> On Saturday 11 April 2009 02:14 pm, Gravity FM wrote:
>>  I have no interest in using software Raid in Linux. Lose the O/S lose
>> the
>>  Raid
> It's sounding like the opposite actually.
> Once the RAID is defined on disk, all that's necessary is a raid
> enabled kernel, and it's auto-detected, and auto-used.
> It sounds very much like your going to be using win-raid,
> essentially a raid compatible with nothing except that
> particular win-driver. Lose that OS, and you're REALLY done.
> To each his own, but I'd have to recommend against in favor
> of something more reliable, and certainly more mature and
> well defined.
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