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Cowboy curt at gwis.com
Sun Apr 12 08:04:50 EDT 2009

On Saturday 11 April 2009 02:14 pm, Gravity FM wrote:

>  I have no interest in using software Raid in Linux. Lose the O/S lose the
>  Raid

 It's sounding like the opposite actually.

 Once the RAID is defined on disk, all that's necessary is a raid
 enabled kernel, and it's auto-detected, and auto-used.

 It sounds very much like your going to be using win-raid,
 essentially a raid compatible with nothing except that
 particular win-driver. Lose that OS, and you're REALLY done.

 To each his own, but I'd have to recommend against in favor
 of something more reliable, and certainly more mature and
 well defined.



I'm DESPONDENT ... I hope there's something DEEP-FRIED under this
miniature DOMED STADIUM ...

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