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If you want a hint, it might be best to specify your hardware,
specifically you motherboard with the onboard raid.


On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 11:49 AM, Gravity FM <admin at gravityfm.net> wrote:
> Guess I'm just used to installing software and having it work. Thats the
> Wonder of Windows!
> I will have a look at SUSE again, but I don't suppose it will work with the
> Raid Array.
> But I will look again :-)
> Just in case something amazing happens. Or someone gives me a hint. (hint)
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>> Alan,
>> You see more SUSE problems reported on the Rivendell lists because SUSE is
> the platform on which it is developed and commercially distributed.  If you
> want a hassle free Rivendell experience, SUSE is your best bet.
>> Have you tried a recent version of SUSE?  The installation is quick and
> painless.
>> As for RAID, 3ware makes some very nice hardware RAID controllers that are
> not very expensive.  Their performance is excellent and yes, SUSE is fully
> supported.
>> Scott Spillers
>> scotts at paravelsystems.com
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>> The Raid Firmware is seperate from the BIOS.
>> It's like a hardware raid, but it uses the processor insteads of an on
> board
>> dedicated proc. for cost saving.
>> The advantage over 'pure' software raid, is that it's not dependent on the
>> OS in anyway for protecting or accesssing the data.
>> > I'd take issue with that.
>> > Them that expect any *nix to be a windows video game will have such
>> > a view, as a *nix system typically is administered by a system
>> > administrator,
>> > where windows systems are "administered" by a gamer end user, or
>> > directly from Redmond, or by whatever the latest virus happens to be.
>> Your definition of "administered" must be way different to mine :-)
>> And I don't do viruses!
>> Oh, and I don't play games at all. (except the odd solitaire - but thats
> for
>> mouse / eye co-ordination practice )
>> The end result is that you can throw in the disk and it works, which
> cannot
>> be said about Linux.
>> Which I found very annoying, cause I wanted to make that particular
> network
>> windows free,
>> and unfortunatly I do not have any more time (e.g. money) to mess with it.
>> If anyone knows a version of Linux that will install and work, great let
> me
>> know.
>> I've already tried a load inc. Redhat Enterprise & Centos.
>> I don't want to use SUSE, cause most the probs I see in this group, seem
> to
>> be SUSE.
>> And I'd like to keep one brand across the system. If I have to mix I may
> as
>> well use W2K3S.
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