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Scott Spillers scottspillers at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 11:34:01 EDT 2009

You see more SUSE problems reported on the Rivendell lists because SUSE is the platform on which it is developed and commercially distributed.  If you want a hassle free Rivendell experience, SUSE is your best bet.  

Have you tried a recent version of SUSE?  The installation is quick and painless.

As for RAID, 3ware makes some very nice hardware RAID controllers that are not very expensive.  Their performance is excellent and yes, SUSE is fully supported.

Scott Spillers
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The Raid Firmware is seperate from the BIOS.
It's like a hardware raid, but it uses the processor insteads of an on board
dedicated proc. for cost saving.
The advantage over 'pure' software raid, is that it's not dependent on the
OS in anyway for protecting or accesssing the data.

> I'd take issue with that.
> Them that expect any *nix to be a windows video game will have such
> a view, as a *nix system typically is administered by a system
> administrator,
> where windows systems are "administered" by a gamer end user, or
> directly from Redmond, or by whatever the latest virus happens to be.

Your definition of "administered" must be way different to mine :-)
And I don't do viruses!
Oh, and I don't play games at all. (except the odd solitaire - but thats for
mouse / eye co-ordination practice )

The end result is that you can throw in the disk and it works, which cannot
be said about Linux.
Which I found very annoying, cause I wanted to make that particular network
windows free,
and unfortunatly I do not have any more time (e.g. money) to mess with it.
If anyone knows a version of Linux that will install and work, great let me
I've already tried a load inc. Redhat Enterprise & Centos.
I don't want to use SUSE, cause most the probs I see in this group, seem to
be SUSE.
And I'd like to keep one brand across the system. If I have to mix I may as
well use W2K3S.

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