[RDD] Problem with jack

Michael Papsdorf - DD-Radio Chefredakteur/Admin chefredaktion at dd-radio.com
Fri Apr 10 02:48:32 EDT 2009

Hey there

> David Weber wrote:
>> I have everything working on one computer now  but there is one problem
>> I am using jack with RD and I am using edcast for jack and icecast
>> It works beautiful for several hours then it stops and I get this message
>> zombiefied, calling shutdown handler JACK stopped
>> Has anyone else encountered this and how was it fixed?
I am using qjackctl/jack and darksnow/darkice (frontend/backend)
I am encountering such errors when timing is not right, i.e. rdairplay  
"sends" audio faster than jack is receiving or darkice has a problem  
with bandwith and can't send fast enough, therefore not taking in  
audio fast enough.

> I dropped down from 44100 to 22050 and it seems to be alright,  I will
> know for sure tomorrow morning
As far as I know, these settings should be the same in all  
applications in an "audio row", i.e. rdairplay -> jack -> icecast.  
Using the respective frontends, configuration will be a lot easier.  
Jack is taking various timing/samplerate-settings, several good  
examples are on the net somewhere.

Best wishes,

Michael Papsdorf
Chefredakteur / Admin
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