[RDD] USB to Serial adapters

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Thu Apr 9 12:52:51 EDT 2009

On Thursday 09 April 2009 12:21:32 pm Michael wrote:
> Anybody have any experience using USB to serial adapters with Rivendell?
> In RDAdmin, the serial port setup shows 0-7.  

I've used them a couple of times.  They mostly work, but I have seen 
occasional issues (such as handshaking problems where some models will drop 
characters when operating at high speed with large bursts of data).  The 
issues are not Rivendell nor even Linux specific -- I've seen the same sort 
of things under Windows.

> With more mainboards coming out sans serial ports and
> accessory/switcher/etc. vendors still using standard RS-232 instead of
> Ethernet control, it's getting a little difficult controlling things.
> Add on serial boards are starting to get scarce also.

For PCI-based adapters, see:


Not cheap, but they work very well and have 'official' Linux support too.

BTW -- some of the switcher vendors (Broadcast Tools for one) offer specific 
USB->serial converter models that they have certified to work properly with 
their hardware.  (And yes, BT *has* tested and certified theirs on Linux as 

> Also, any thoughts of adding USB interface options in RDAdmin for RD to
> communicate with those devices?

No need -- just put the correct '/dev/<whatever>' value in RDAdmin and it'll 
be recognized and used.  That's what device drivers are all about.  :)


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