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Tim Camp timc at wnsp.com
Tue Apr 7 16:23:18 EDT 2009

Stefan Gabriel wrote:
> 2009/4/7 Tim Camp <timc at wnsp.com>:
>> The error says Rule Broken Song must have a Code of NEWA (scheduler code)
>> I'm assuming this is title separation that is causing this because when
>> I drop the afore mentioned to 30 it stops the error, problem is it will
>> then schedule songs two hours apart when the separation should be five
>> hours mathematically as described before.
>> When I get this error it schedules a song without any code at all.
> This is how this scheduler works: All songs of the GROUP are in one
> big pot. Then all Songs (exactly: carts) that does not fit rule A are
> removed from the pot. If the pot would be empty after that step the
> rule is ignored and a rule broken statment is inserted into the
> report. Then the same for rule B .... At the end one of the songs left
> is picked randomly.
> The first rule is title separation, the second artist separation. If
> these two rules have as a result that no cart with code NEWA is left
> in the pot, the "must have Code" rule is ignored.
> Maybe you would get the expected results, when you choose different
> GROUPS insstead of "Must Have Code"-Rules for categories.
> Stefan
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Thanks for the reply Stefan,

I understand what you are saying, and I wish I could implement this that
way, problem is I have several stations using the same "pot" of songs.
one song may play on two stations, another song may play on one of the
same and a additional one etc, so the only way I could figure to deal
with that was either have several copies of the same song in different
carts and groups or use "must have schedular code".

Tim Camp

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