[RDD] Start RD daemons as rivendell user?

Markus Mahner markus.mahner at hurricane-rock.de
Fri Apr 3 07:12:46 EDT 2009


I'm trying to make the use of our Rivendell boxes as convenient as  
possible. That means, I want the user to be able to just start any RD  
application on a fresh rebooted box and having all the stuff in the  
background be started automagically.

For sure this (kinda) works, but there is a little drawback: though I  
start the application with my rivendell user, the rivendell daemons  
are running under the root user. And that makes jackd also running as  
root - which prevents the application to connect to jackd...

Btw, the same happens when I call /etc/init.d/rivendell as rivendell  
user - the daemons (and, in consequence, jackd) are started as root  

What exactly happens when I start a rivendell application and the  
daemons are not running? Does it also call /etc/init.d/rivendell?

Is it necessary for the daemons to run as root? If yes, is there a way  
to make caed start jackd with a different user? If not, what changes  
are necessary?

Running Rivendell 1.2.2 compiled from source on 64Studio3.0b, i.e.  
Debian flavour; jackd is 0.116.2, also compiled from source.  
$JACK_START is set to "no", $JACK_START_SERVER is set to "1".


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