[RDD] Problem with cut playing

Marcos Romero mromero at hcjb.org
Sat Sep 27 23:23:40 EDT 2008

Something similar happened to me.  I checked the rights in /var/snd/.  Once I solve that, everything just worked fine.

Best wishes,

marcos e.

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Sounds like the cuts are in something other than .wav format and you don't
have an audioscience card. If you don't have the audioscience cards, you
have to put the audio in wav format. 





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The problem does not reside wether the cut resides in a cart with only one
or multiple cuts. 

The cut doesn't play if I go to "cut info" or edit markers (here only the
play icon becomes green)

The fact is that if I try to play with cut info or edit markers the other
cuts in the cart, they all starty playing.

If I put this cart (whit one cut) in a log and try to play it in rdairplay,
when I press play it just greys out the button and the log in the right

This happens with all the imported and ripped files, independetly if I put
them in a new or existing cart.



On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 4:00 AM, Kevin Miller <atftb2 at alaska.net> wrote:

Borut Glavina wrote:
> We have created a cart and imported several cuts that were all imported
> correctly an we can also play them.
> Now without any changes in the system all the files that we import or
> rip (in the same cart or in a new one) are not played.
> No error shows up, just the counter remains at zero. Anyone alreay saw
> this issue?

I don't know if I'm understanding you correctly but I'll chime in anyway.

Typically, you put one cut per cart.  If you put in more, the first time
you play the cart, the first cut plays.  The next time you play the cart
the next one plays.  It doesn't play all the cuts at once.

This is a feature so that you can, say, put a bunch of station ID cuts
into the same cart, and schedule it to play at the top of the hour -
each ID will be different that way.  Variety is the spice of life aftr all.


Kevin Miller
Juneau, Alaska
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