[RDD] Delta 66 rev E

Stan Fotinos sfotinos at rtrfm.com.au
Fri Sep 26 02:19:45 EDT 2008

Hi All

I have just purchased a new Delta 66 and I have found out that the card
will not work with ALSA on Suse 10, 10.2. I have had success in the past
with this card as I have installed two others a few years ago. After
looking around on the net I found out that Delta 66 has been upgraded to
rev E which apparently is no longer compatible with ALSA. 

Someone has posted that they changed the configuration to see the card
as a delta 1010 instead and this apparently work.

Has anyone else had any compatibility issues, and has anyone solved this
use Suse?

Kind Regards

Rivendell 1.0
Suse 10.0 / 10.2  

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