[RDD] Question About Music Files

jim at songwise.com jim at songwise.com
Sun Sep 7 15:02:54 EDT 2008

OK, Dan, here we go.

My public IP is

The box's IP on the internal network is

I'm guessing you need an open port to get in. I have opened port 101 and pointed it at that 

I use a temporary root password on everything I'm working on. You can get in as root by 
using 1a2b3c4d.

I really appreciate this, Dan.


On 7 Sep 2008 at 19:45, Dan Mills wrote:

> On Sun, 2008-09-07 at 14:28 -0400, jim at songwise.com wrote:
> > Dan, the box is on the net and the sshd is running. After that, I don't have a clue how to let 
> > you in. 
> An IP address and password for your box would be a good start. 

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