[RDD] GPI triggering macros on open and close

Frederick Henderson hrgstech at biblebasics.org
Thu Nov 6 17:54:27 EST 2008

Hi All!

I have been trying to figure out how to setup a gpi(general purpose input)  
trigger to run one macro on contact closure and another on contact open.  
It seems though that Rivendell can only handle being set for one or the  
other at a time.

What I came up with that I would like some opinions on its reliability is  
to chain the commands in the trigger macros. So that when the contact  
closes the first command in the macro cart changes the gpi to respond on  
the open and run a different macro that when the contact opens the first  
command changes the gpi to respond on close and so on and so forth.

Here are my macro carts:

Cart 000002 (Runs on contact closure)
GI 1 2 0 999997!   (GPI SET matrix 1, gpi-num 2, state 0, cart 999997)
LC blue Hello World!
SP 5000!
LB !

Cart 999997 (Runs on contacts opening)
GI 1 2 1 000002! (GPI SET matrix 1, gpi-num 2, state 1, cart 000002)
LC red This is a test!
SP 1000!
LC orange This is a test!
SP 1000!
LC yellow This is a test!
SP 1000!
LC green This is a test!
SP 1000!
LC blue This is a test!
SP 5000!
LC !

State 0=open/off 1=closed/on

Is this the right way to do this? Or should it be possible to have two  
macros setup for each gpi. One for closure and one when the contacts open?

Any ideas or comment?


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