Michael mbarnes at srnradio.com
Wed Nov 5 20:09:03 EST 2008

Not me.  I've got enough Rube Goldberg and MacGyver in me that I'm
almost screw-proof.

One major stumbling block is this is my primary Rivendell production
server running nearly 4000 events in RDCatch, plus many hours of
recordings each day.  I think I've got maybe two windows of about seven
minutes each out of the day when I can shut the silly thing down.

I'll just dig out another old box with Windows on it and load it up.


On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 20:41 -0400, Cowboy wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 November 2008 07:22 pm, Michael wrote:
> >  Sorry, no.  Once corporate did the big upgrade I can barely keep the
> >  machines talking to each other inside let alone get in from outside.
>  You are very close to being screwed.
>  You'll need to establish a VM client on some machine with a screen
>  resolution that matches or exceeds the VM, and with a matching
>  bit depth, so that the virtual hardware reports correctly, and
>  X will allow the display.
>  X can be started with any bit depth you like, if you know how.
>  There are a number of command line switches and config edits to
>  make it happen, but mostly you need to match what that machine
>  used to be before it crashed.
>  There should be a config file somewhere in the etc heirarchy that
>  should contain this info, unless someone screwed with it in the
>  process of trying to fix it.
>  I suppose you could box up the whole machine and ship it to me.
>  Alternatively, you could buy me a plane ticket.
>  Neat "up"grade, that.
>  At this point, I think we've established that the daemons are running,
>  so kernel, config, and all that is fine.
>  The time stamps on the virtual disks suggest that the guest is running.
>  ( server will keep it going with no console, workstation would have
>  shut it down )
>  The log is telling us that the vmware client starts fine, but doesn't display.
>  Methinks we've narrowed it to a display problem, probably an X compatibility
>  config issue.
>  You could try killing the X server altogether, and restarting it, but you
>  could lose KDE in the process.
>  I'm not a fan of KDE, for this and other reasons.
>  The important thing will be to get a display that the vm can use.
>  Since you can't access the vm ( a windows limitation ) you'll need to
>  do whatever you have to do with the host or another machine for remote
>  access to recover.
>  I have the facilities, knowledge, experience, and right now, time.
>  ssh would have been an easy fix. ( comparatively )

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