[RDD] (OT) Linux reading material

Michael mbarnes at srnradio.com
Tue Nov 4 14:42:04 EST 2008

Personally, I have liked Linux Journal.  Lots of good articles at
different levels. Been a subscriber for years.

I highly recommend joining forums on particular applications or subjects
you are interested in, like this one for Rivendell.  I suggest browsing
through the archives before joining, though.  Some of them are rather
rude, and some are not at all what you would think they were.

Depending on where you are at, there may be a Linux User's Group (LUG)
nearby you can join.  These all vary, just like any other 'club'.  Some
are a great bunch of people, some are very cliquish.  The NTLUG locally
has monthly meetings with an early "installation group" session where
people bring their machines in and install their system and get help
from veterans in making it all work.  

And has been often said "Google is your friend".

And on the friendlier forums (like this one) the occasional off-topic
question may get you the answer you need.


On Mon, 2008-11-03 at 04:31 -0800, Dave Bickford wrote:
> Could anyone recommend a book about Linux for those of us new to using it? I'm looking for something that's not "dumbed down" too much, but not overly geeky and technical either. Any monthly magazines worth subscribing to?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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