[RDD] Re:RDCatch

Erik Anderson subscribed at hardwaremonkey.com
Sat Mar 29 23:11:10 EDT 2008

Michael Barnes wrote:
> I would look into that RDCatch issue.  
This is the issue that gives me the horrible "lost connection to host" 
message. I do now know what causes it, only that it seems to occur 
during those more heavy usage moments.

A couple times I have started to go through the code to add more debug 
info, attempting to understand what is going on enough to write more 
info to the log file. With my few attempts, I had some minor syntax 
issues and have not created a custom compile yet that might help 
debugging what actually causes the problem.

I agree, theoretically RD should work. 29/30 days it will work. Then it 
trips for a day or two and then goes for another month. I don't have a clue.

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