[RDD] Stopped Chain Events

Kevin Miller atftb2 at alaska.net
Wed Mar 26 19:55:28 EDT 2008

Bill Smith wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> No, the computer is self-contained (local hard disk storage).   That is what
> is so strange.  I have not rebooted the machine, perhaps there is something
> dangling around in the background.  Still perplexed.
> Bill

Memory leak?  Have you stopped and restarted the RD daemons?
Maybe a reboot would help - despite the aversion to it in Linux circles 
it sometimes does wonders.  I usually blame anomalies on 'power spikes'. 
Good of an excuse as any...

Kevin Miller
Juneau, Alaska
Registered Linux User No: 307357, http://counter.li.org

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