[RDD] Remote Client Access

Kira Mead pirate at albanyis.com.au
Mon Mar 3 00:13:02 EST 2008

Hi all,

Using the Remote Client Access instructions on the Rivendell Wiki, I'm part of the way there, but need some help.
I have a functioning Rivendell system on Suse 10, and I'm trying to get RDLogEdit on Windoze 2000 to share mysql.
I can ping OK from both machines.  All firewalls are off.
In testing, the command netstat -an|grep 3306 results in

#tcp  0   0*  LISTEN

On the Windoze machine, the command telnet 3306 results in ...

>From the wiki, I gather these results are OK.

Things I'm confused about:  
First configure Rivendell on the workstation to talk to the server. 

  a.. $EDIT /etc/rd.conf 
  b.. In the [mySQL] section, set the Hostname to the name of the server configured above. 
If I set any hostname other than localhost, mysql stops working.  How do I set localhost and a remote host name?

By host name, does  that mean the Windoze login name, or the name of the machine itself?

Any tricks I need to know, that aren't in the wiki article?


Warren Mead

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