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Tue Aug 12 13:56:14 EDT 2008

word and 
italicize it as well) about MySQL, I blindly trudged forward following the
instructions in 
Application Note 001.

Once the Rivendell RPMs were installed, the commands were as follows:

chown -R mysql:daemon /var/lib/mysql
   (no hostname issues at this point, so I continued)

After starting the MySQL service, these commands were issued:

mysqladmin -u root password &lt;new root password&gt; (here you have to put your password in quotes just like this <FONT color=#ff007f>'yourpassword'</FONT></PRE><PRE>
mysqladmin -u root -h (<FONT color=#ff00ff>is this your hostname?)</FONT> password &lt;new root
password&gt; (here again it should be like this <FONT color=#ff007f>'yourpassword' </FONT><FONT color=#000000>including the quotes.</FONT></PRE><PRE>
   (several root passwords were tried on several separate installs)

The commands seemed to "take," so I continued with creating the audio
directory and the 
config file:

mkdir /var/snd
chown rialto:users /var/snd

cd /etc
cp /usr/share/doc/packages/rivendell/rd.conf-sample rd.conf

Changes to the config file were:
Password=fullwitt <FONT color=#0080ff>(here, try keeping the default password that came with the rd.conf-sample file)</FONT>

Next came the running of rdadmin and that's where I was blocked from
accessing MySQL. <FONT color=#0080ff>(make sure that MySQL is enabled in Yast)</FONT>

I wiped and reinstalled several times, each time using a different combination
of MySQL root 
passwords and SUSE usernames and passwords. The result was the same.

Also, I still have two questions relating to the instruction sheet. 1) Just
which Rivendell 
package makes up the "Radio Library" and 2) are changes required in
the [MySQL] section of 

I suspect my problem might relate to one or both of those two questions.

Again, I appreciate this help more than I can express at the moment.

</PRE><PRE><FONT color=#0080ff>(everything looks like the way I have mine setup except for those little things that I wrote. I did not have to mess with the [mySQL] section.) nor did  I have to worry about the "radio library"</FONT></PRE><PRE><FONT color=#0080ff>thanx,</FONT></PRE><PRE><FONT color=#0080ff>jlsoto</FONT>

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