[RDD] Rivendell v1.0.1

Alan Peterson apeterson at radioamerica.org
Wed Aug 27 08:54:28 EDT 2008

>>>Are there any creative people on this list that want to make up a generic sweeper/promo/ad for Rivendell that we could add to our playlists to tell the world about RD? <<<

Funny you should ask. I just produced three such promos for the live demo CD (one is heard in the demo playlist log). Fred was kind enough to make them available on the Downloads page on rivendellaudio.org for anyone who wants them.

Give them a listen. If there is something you want with a little more customization, drop an email to apeterson at radioamerica.org

Al Peterson
Ass't C.E. / Production Director
Radio America Network
Washington DC USA

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