[RDD] Real time Kernel

Fred Gleason fredg at blackhawke.net
Tue Aug 12 20:29:57 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 12 August 2008 07:24:16 pm Dan Mills wrote:
> For .wav we can do it now, but
> some asi cards have severely compromised gain control range when
> boosting the gain.

The ASI-4xxx series do, yes.  However, ASI has officially ended support for 
those cards -- driver v3.08.05 (posted on the RD download page) is the end of 
the line for them.  For v3.10.x on forward, it's ASI-5xxx and -6xxx only.  
For RD 1.x, we will need to continue support for -4xxx, but it may be a 
smarter move simply to require 5xxx or higher for 2.x, rather than munging 
around with a lot of low-level DSP code.

It *is* a very cool idea, though...


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