[RDD] Batch editing of newly imported mp3s into a newly set up RD database

Marcin Marzec mm at rebelia.pl
Tue Aug 5 06:40:27 EDT 2008

> Um quite embarassingly I used to use winamp and the sqr soft
> cross-fader... so there is no previously available data on old segue
> points. I believe sqr uses a system of monitoring the audio level over
> the last 20 seconds or so of a song... and fading when the audio level
> drops below a certain amount of db.

then it's even easier - just use  rdimport. it can take names for
tracks  from  filenames  or  id-tags,  and can add mixpoint at desired
level at end, trim silence, even correct gain level.

just type rdimport in console and you will se all options explained.

good luck,

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