[RDD] trafficgenny

Duncan J Pim annie.dunc at xtra.co.nz
Sat Aug 2 17:55:56 EDT 2008

Greetings Drew ...

Cheers for the link to your trafficgenny mods;  I have downloaded all the 
bits and pieces there plus Robert's original code and will work through it 
all and see whats what ...

Thanks to you and Robert for providing this application.



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On Saturday 02 August 2008 04:22:48 Duncan J Pim wrote:
> Greetings Drew ...
> trafficgenny may be very useful on a small rd based station here ... 
> would I be able to get hold of the source for your modified version(s) so 
> can give them a go.

Some of the stuff from one of the efforts is here:


but I am not sure what state it is in and you may need to get Robert's
original code and put this stuff in with his for things to work.

I will try and make time to get things in better shape soon. Let me know if 
you need more help before that.
> 					Thanks and Best Regards,
> 					Duncan.

all the best,


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