[RDD] Migrate RD to new machine

Erik Anderson subscribed at hardwaremonkey.com
Sat Aug 2 14:03:55 EDT 2008

Unless I am missing something, I just did a basic SQL statement and 
called it good:


Obviously, this does not copy the data, but rather changes it. Works for 
my situation, but yes, you might want to make a copy of all the records 
before making the change, then update it based on the ID #...

Personally, I consider this a bug in the script that runs when one wants 
to create a host based on an existing host setup.

Erik Anderson wrote:
> I am having difficulty migrating from an RD system that took on a system 
> failure to a new one.
> I am following a wiki tip, that actually was a response to a question I 
> posed awhile back about Proper MySQL database migration. But, this time, 
> things are not working like I remembered it.
> I setup my new box (rd2) and prepared it for Rivendell. Then, I restored 
> a database (host: rd1). Then, I made a new host (rd2) based on the old 
> host (rd1). Data is populated. BUT, things like RDCatch and the 
> RDLibrary are still pointed to rd1.
> To explain:
> A. When I go into RDCatch on rd2, I have multiple recording decks for 
> BOTH rd1 and rd2. I could delete the host rd1 and make the decks go 
> away, but all the scheduled events are set for rd1. Did I miss something?
> B. When I go into the RDLibrary, it lists the origin of the file as rd1. 
> I cannot actually tell which file it is playing (I guess I could shut 
> down rd1 and figure that one out). Is this a big deal, or did I miss 
> something?
> Alright, if things are working as they should, other than the RECORDINGS 
> table, what other tables should I change host from rd1 to rd2 to make a 
> full migration?
> Thanks,
> Erik
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