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Jorge Soto jsoto67 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 15:13:21 EDT 2007

Ok, since I have tried to post on the web site and it tells me that only administratrors can do that, I have to reply through this mail.
      I have named my playlists 070920 (yymmdd) and saved it in /home/jorge/
  my template in rivendell is %y%m%d and here is a sample of what my playlist looks like
     |00:40:00|8564 |0000|00013717    |ANGEL CUEVAS INSURANCE COMPA  |0060
  i know that thecharacters are    |begin time|cart#|no idea|cart description|cart lenght
  I have configured my traffic import utility in rivendell and i have tried to test it but nothing happens when i press the "test traffic button". 
  none the less, I created a log and went to the merge traffic widget and the lights are green so i pressed the merge traffic button.
   then i went to the logedit but there are no cart #s or descriptions matching my playlist.
  i have triend the wiki page but i did not find it very helpful.
  can anybody help?
Bradley Smith <smith6876 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Good Morning...  Is there a list of supported 3rd party traffic & billing systems? The companies that I've talked to say they're not sure whether they support Rivendell given its not on there list.  My guess is that if they support say XXXX automation, then they also support Rivendell. 
  Any guidance is appreciated..  Thanks!
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