[RDD] Cut length calculation

Federico Grau grauf at rfa.org
Wed Sep 19 14:26:45 EDT 2007

On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 10:57:30AM -0700, Scott Spillers wrote:
> Dan,
> I have also spoken with Fred about adding a feature to RDLogEdit that would
> allow for logs to be checked against future dates.  If it would be helpful,
> perhaps we could do the same in the cart properties window or the main
> RDLibrary list view, to check cart/cut validity for future dates.  While
> this would be a valuable tool in RDLogEdit, I'm not sold on adding this
> functionality to RDLibrary as it could become confusing for the operators.

We've been eyeing such a feature addition (to check logs against 'future
dates') to RDLogEdit also ... then this could be used to calculate a "Total
Run Time" for a log, which is also on our list of tasks to complete.  Have not
started yet on these tasks, hopefully in a couple days we'll be able to focus
on that.


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