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Scott Spillers scotts at salemradiolabs.com
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Yes, Rivendell is still actively being developed.  Pre-release versions have
been on the air since late 2004.  We're aware of more than 50 stations and
networks using Rivendell in the U.S. and overseas.  Stay tuned to this list
for an announcement regarding the availability of turn-key Rivendell systems
and support services.  These will likely be available very soon after the
version 1.0 is officially released.
Scott Spillers
scotts at paravelsystems.com 


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Subject: Turn Key Rivendell System
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I recently stumbled across the Rivendell system.  I'm curious whether there
is a Version 1 for release or whether the program still being developed.
>From reading the archives, it appears the system is up but being modified.

If the system has been released, is any company offering a turn-key system
with support?  
Thank you!

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