[RDD] Create logs from command line?

Michael Barnes mbarnes at srnradio.com
Thu Sep 6 14:42:06 EDT 2007

Yes, sort of.  You can create your log as a text file and use
RDLogmanager to import it into a log within Rivendell.  I am assuming
you are talking about creating a whole log/playlist from scratch from
the CLI.  Out of curiosity, why? That seems like a ton of work.

I use macros to launch scripts to do various things in the background.
We also send many of our routing commands to SAS via macros.  In the
lab, I had some set up to turn on lights.  We have a warning tone
(Sonalert) in Master control that is set off by macros as alerts to
certain events.


Jon Richardson told me on 09/06/2007 12:28 PM:
> Hi,
> Is there any way to create new logs from the command line, or does it
> have to be done from the RDLogManager GUI tool? I guess anything is
> possible with enough hacking, but does anything exist that can do this
> already?
> Also... I'm just curious what fancy things people are doing with macros?
> I'm working on playing beds/stings/tails around my weather / travel
> items but the whole thing is so powerful I expect there's some
> impressive stuff going on... anyone care to share and boast?!
> Regards,
> Jon
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