[RDD] One other question....

Timothy R. Elwell telwell at pilotproductions.net
Thu Nov 29 17:27:28 EST 2007

Well, I finally figured out some of my problem. A lot of it stems from the
fact that in 7.1 Ubuntu, what I consider "normal" repositories are not
automatically selected as they were in previous versions. So, now that I
finally have all of my "normal" repositories done, I'm finding all the
software I usually add to make this work....though I did miss mpg321. 

Thanks Fred and Dan for putting up with my questions. :) You guys really are
great and it is appreciated.


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On Thursday 29 November 2007 03:13 pm, Timothy R. Elwell wrote:
> I'm not finding a few things in this new 7.1 of Ubuntu, but what does RD
> need to be able to rip from CD? I have cdda2wav, and the cddb installed,
> but I can't get rdlibrary to rip from cd. 

You'll also need sox(1) and mpg321(1).  See the INSTALL file for the full
of dependencies, along with download links.

Ah, the joys of building from source...  :)


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